zuist-hal screenshot
zuist-hal screenshot
zuist-hal screenshot

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zuist-HAL is a multi-scale browser that enables smooth navigation in large collections of documents. It can currently be used to navigate in research articles available on HAL-INRIA only.

v1.0 of zuist-HAL is available for download.

zuist-HAL requires Java 1.5 or later, and runs under Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. It has been mostly tested under Mac OS X.

Video demonstrations of are available.

Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted using the project's trackers.

Current Features

A list of changes is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions is available (in French).


Development: Julien Husson

Working Group: Jean-Marc Hasenfratz, Julien Husson, Hélène Lowinger, Pierre Martinon, Emmanuel Pietriga, Claude Puech, Marc Schoenauer