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The latest stable version of Zuist-HAL is v1.0

Mac OS X Operating system logo

Zuist-HAL_1.0_apple-OSX.app.tar.bz2 Show file details (Intel)

Size: 11727182 bytes

SHA-512 hash: 10eaff6862fe163f44c4b4eca42921a5ac186de2

Requires OS X 10.4 or newer

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Zuist-HAL_1.0_x86_linux-gnu.tar.bz2 Show file details

Size: 11721675 bytes

SHA-512 hash: 4df9e054de11022972f0c5dd1b0caff80526d13d

Please read the README file before running Zuist-HAL

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Zuist-HAL_1.0_win32.zip Show file details

Size: 12433034 bytes

SHA-512 hash: d77180a02bd08186f1ee9c9967ad9a333734b338

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 are supported